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Family law matters often touch even the most stable of individuals. Whether you are facing a divorce, seeking help in a paternity matter or adopting a child, it is important that you have experienced legal counsel that you can count on.

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We Help You Make Informed Decisions In All Major Areas Related to Divorce:

Our full-service family law firm is dedicated to helping people overcome a broad spectrum of family law challenges. We have the legal capacity and the experience to safeguard your rights in areas that include:

Whether you need basic legal guidance to file for a divorce or you are anticipating a high-conflict divorce, we can help. Walsh Law Firm PLLC commands an extensive financial and marketing background that helps clarify just what is a marital asset and what is non-community property. We then work to achieve equitable property and debt division.

Walsh Law Firm PLLC helps craft a balanced child custody and visitation plan that is in the best interests of the child and works for you. We work with the Mississippi child support guidelines to help ensure fair and balanced outcomes presently and for the future.

Mississippi is a state that provides for alimony. Tracy Walsh brings 18 years' of experience in alimony (spousal support) to her clients. She can help you find creative and workable solutions to resolve your alimony differences.

When you need legal counsel regarding an enforcement matter or you seek to modify the divorce decree, Tracy Walsh can help you take rapid and decisive action.

Tracy Walsh has represented people on both sides of the paternity issue. She helps fathers retain their rights and responsibilities to their children. She helps mothers proceed with paternity actions. Adoption includes new birth adoptions with complete termination of biological parental rights, stepparent adoptions and adoptions by other relatives.

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