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Actor Ron Perlman settles his divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Divorce |

It is becoming more and more common for people ages 55 and beyond to choose to divorce rather than remain in an unhappy relationship. “Gray divorce” refers to people in this category. Among them is actor Ron Perlman, who finally settled his divorce from his wife of 38 years after separating from her in 2019. There may be spouses in Mississippi who can relate to some of the issues that were addressed in Perlman’s case. 

Several property division issues had to be resolved 

Every state has its own property division guidelines in divorce. In many cases, a pair of spouses will negotiate terms of agreement, then seek the court’s approval. In Perlman’s case, he and his ex agreed to sell their apartment and split the proceeds, while Opal Perlman, the actor’s former wife, got to keep the home that was their primary residence during the marriage.  

Another priority issue in the Perlmans’ divorce was spousal support. The court ordered Ron Perlman to pay $12,500 per month to his ex. If he happens to earn more than $624,000 in income in a single year, the 70-year-old actor must give 20% of it (up to $1.5 million) to his former spouse.  

Protecting financial interests in a Mississippi divorce 

Like most states, Mississippi operates under equitable property guidelines in divorce. Especially in a high-net worth cases, a concerned spouse will want to make sure that he or she clearly understands those guidelines before property division proceedings begin. It is helpful to discuss the details of one’s case with an experienced family law attorney, who can help to ensure that a fair settlement is achieved.