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Creative ways to avoid child custody problems in summer

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Custody & Visitation |

Many Mississippi households include families where the parents recently got divorced. This naturally causes a certain amount of disruption and emotional upset in children’s lives. But when parents are willing to cooperate and support each other, they can help their children come to terms with their divorce and can keep child custody stress to a minimum.

Summer vacation time can create child custody challenges in these circumstances. Kids are home from school, but most parents still go to work each day. With careful planning and creative thinking, parents can find the support they need to help their children have a safe and happy summer even while coming to terms with a divorce.

Extended family members can help

If the relationship between the parents is so contentious that they cannot achieve a peaceful parenting plan for the summer months, they might consider letting the kids spend the summer with a grandparent or another relative. This may be especially helpful in situations where parents disagree about daycare or one parent refuses to assist the other with childcare during the day because of conflicting work schedules. While some people might consider this solution unconventional, it might be worth considering if it helps keep the peace and enables children to have a safe, enjoyable summer.

Make sure the parenting agreement is detailed

If kids will spend their summer elsewhere or are going on vacation with one parent or the other, it is best to incorporate these details into the child custody plan. The more detailed a plan is, the less room for confusion or disputes there might be. If a legal problem arises during the summer, a concerned parent can always turn to an experienced family law attorney for support.