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Is Thanksgiving covered in your child custody plan?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Custody & Visitation |

Throughout Mississippi and across the country, many thousands of people will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks. For some, such as those who are currently navigating or have just recently finalized a divorce, this year’s holidays will be a bit different from past years. While it might sound silly at first, it is, in fact, a good idea to incorporate Thanksgiving and other holidays into your child custody agreement. 

Doing so helps parents avoid confusion and disputes. When everything is written out, there is no risk of one parent assuming that he or she will share Thanksgiving (or another holiday) with the children, only to be caught off guard when his or her ex contests the idea. Scheduling holidays on a calendar, and noting which parent will have custody that day, helps a co-parenting arrangement run smoothly following a divorce.  

How to decide which parent gets the first Thanksgiving in the child custody plan 

Numerous factors must be considered when determining where kids will spend the first Thanksgiving after their parents’ divorce. Such factors include things like how far away parents live — will it involve a long drive or a plane ticket? If the children go to school, how long of a break they have comes into play as well. If the children have asked to spend Thanksgiving with a particular parent, this may influence the decision, too.  

If parents live near each other, there might be a way to split the holiday between both households. The important thing is to make decisions ahead of time, and then write out terms of agreement, not only for the Thanksgiving holiday but all special occasions throughout the year. A Mississippi family law attorney can provide guidance and support, especially if parents have been unable to achieve an agreeable child custody plan on their own.