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Seal and Klum disagree on child custody issues

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Custody & Visitation |

Star of the TV show “Next Top Model,” Heidi Klum, and her ex, Henry Samuel, otherwise known in the music industry as “Seal,” have encountered many challenges in their co-parenting relationship since their divorce. Mississippi parents who are currently navigating child custody proceedings may be able to relate to some of the issues this former couple have addressed in court. When a married couple with children files for divorce, they must resolve legal custody issues, such as whether both parents must agree before one or the other may travel abroad with their children. 

Klum wanted to take her kids to Germany, but Seal would not approve 

One of the child custody disagreements Klum and Seal have had was in regard to Klum’s filming of Season 6 of the “Next Top Model” show. She filed an emergency petition in court when Seal refused to approve of her taking their four children with them on location in Germany. The children’s maternal grandparents live there, and Klum’s eldest daughter, whom Seal adopted, told the court that she believes traveling to Europe with her mother would be a wonderful experience for her and her siblings.  

Legal custody and physical custody are separate issues 

When parents file for divorce, they must determine whether both or one of them will have authority to make decisions on behalf of their children regarding issues such as health, education, faith and other life topics. In Klum’s case, an existing court order included terms stating that she could not take the kids out of the country without Seal’s approval. Klum offered to modify their co-parenting agreement, sacrificing her scheduled Christmas time with the kids so that they could be with their father instead, to make up for lost time while the children were in Germany.  

Resolving child custody issues peacefully takes teamwork 

Seal told reporters that he and Klum always encounter child custody challenges because they are unable to work as a team. If a concerned Mississippi parent is facing similar problems, he or she may ask the court to rule on the issues for which the two parents in question have been unable to achieve an agreement. Most parents consider keeping stress to a minimum for the sake of their children a top priority in a divorce; an experienced family law attorney can provide strong support to help accomplish this goal.