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Protect your rights against creditor harassment

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Bankruptcy Law |

Navigating challenging financial issues is stressful enough without being hounded daily by phone calls and other correspondence from collection agencies. Creditor harassment intensifies the stress of a financial crisis. Many people in Mississippi and beyond understand the frustration of incessant phone calls from people claiming to represent lenders. It is important to know what types of options are available to stop creditor harassment.

Threats of violence or profanity can be frightening and upsetting

A first logical step to take to stop creditor harassment is to tell whomever it is that keeps calling to stop. It is best to do this in a formal, written letter, requesting that no further communication or correspondence be made. This, of course, does not erase a legitimate debt that is owed. Rather, it informs those who are making threats and acting inappropriately that they must stop.

What if they disregard the letter?

If the phone calls do not cease, it is a good idea to document every call. From there, a formal complaint can be filed with the Federal Trade Commission. Some cases lead to litigation when a person files a legal claim against those who are harassing him or her. It is also possible, in some situations, to file for bankruptcy, which, in turn, brings creditor harassment and attempts by phone to collect a debt to a halt.

Collection agencies are bound by laws and regulations

A lender to whom a debt is owed has a right to attempt to collect the debt. No one has a right to harass another person. Collection agencies who attempt to collect a debt on behalf of a lender must do so in adherence with all relevant laws and regulations for collections. Anyone in Mississippi who is unsure how to resolve a creditor harassment problem may reach out for support by requesting a meeting with an experienced bankruptcy law attorney.