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3 ways to achieve a fair divorce settlement

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Divorce |

If you determine that you’d rather start afresh in life on your own than stay in unhappy marriage, the weeks and months that follow your decision will include numerous issues that you and your soon-to-be ex must resolve. Any major change in life can be challenging, even when it’s a change that you desire. When a divorce is imminent, it can be emotionally trying as well as legally complicated.

There are several key issues to keep in mind that can help you minimize stress in a divorce. Especially if you have children, you’ll want to avoid conflict and work together with your co-parent to lay the groundwork for healthy and happy new lifestyle for your kids.

Be clear on issues regarding finances, property and tax information

One of the first questions you must answer when negotiating a divorce settlement that includes child custody issues is whether you or your ex will claim your children as dependents on your income tax returns. Only one of you may do so in a particular year, though it may be possible to alternate years or, in the case of multiple children, split the dependents. In addition to tax issues, you’ll also want to reach agreement on other financial issues, including child support, parenting time and property division. If an agreement is not forthcoming, the court will make decisions based on the evidence presented.

Litigation is an option when you’re unable to resolve a disagreement

There are two more things to keep in mind when you’re preparing for a divorce. First, it’s OK to address a matter in court if you’re unable to resolve it on your own. Sometimes, it’s least stressful way to deal with contentious issues. Second, the best means for protecting your rights and your children’s best interests is to ask an experienced family law attorney to act on your behalf in court. Walsh Law Firm provides strong support to Mississippi parents in need of guidance and assistance to resolve divorce issues, particularly those pertaining to child custody proceedings.