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What is a gray divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2022 | Divorce |

There are many Mississippi households that include married couples who have been together for more than three or four decades. Long ago, it was nearly unthinkable that a spouse might consider going his or her own way rather than staying in an unhappy relationship. Nowadays, however, the idea of filing for divorce is quite common, among those who are age 55 and older.  

Divorce is so common among this age group that it has its own name. It is often called a “gray divorce.” There are many reasons why the divorce rate among baby boomers and older spouses has more than doubled in the past 20 years. 

Staying married for the sake of their children 

In the past, spouses who were not necessarily happy in their marriage stayed married anyway because they were raising families at the time. One of the reasons gray divorce has skyrocketed, however, is that sons and daughters who were young children decades ago are now grown and on their own. In many cases, their parents have decided that they no longer want to fight about money or no longer want to feel lonely in a relationship that lost its connection years ago.  

Gray divorce issues often include financial matters 

When a Mississippi spouse files for divorce after three or four decades of marriage, there are often complex financial issues to resolve to achieve a fair settlement. After years of marriage, many couples have amassed savings, retirement benefits and assets from investments they have made through the years. It is helpful to seek legal counsel before heading to court in a gray divorce, in order to gain an understanding of property division laws and how such laws might have an impact on a settlement.