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Child Support And Custody

Experienced Family Law Attorney For You In Mississippi

Navigating through all the issues related to a divorce can be overwhelming to even the most stable of individuals. A knowledgeable, compassionate and clear-thinking lawyer can help ease stress and guide you to a successful outcome.

Tracy Buster Walsh of Walsh Law Firm, P.L.L.C., will help you understand your legal situation and your options. She will aggressively and efficiently guide you through any child custody, alimony and child support issues.

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Flexible, Knowledgeable Child Custody And Visitation Arrangements

Determining who gets custody of the children can be among the most difficult matters to resolve in any divorce. We help you arrive at a child custody arrangement that is in the best interests of your child and that works for you.

Joint legal custody is when both parents share in the decision-making regarding the upbringing of the child. Both parents have a say in the child’s education, medical care and other important issues.

Joint physical custody is when both parents have an equal amount of time with the child.

Standard visitation is still common in Mississippi. This includes every other weekend and alternating holidays, with extended time in the summer. However, this model is gradually changing as more parents work to increase time the non-custodial parent has with their children.

Resolution Of Equitable And Fair Child Support

Child support is determined by the Mississippi guidelines. This means that we take a comprehensive picture of exactly where you are at financially.

There are several types of alimony in Mississippi, including:

Periodic alimony. This is a traditional alimony where a nonworking spouse gets alimony until she or he remarries or dies. Generally, this involves a long marriage or a stay-at-home mom or someone in a chronic health situation.

Lump-sum alimony. This involves paying a specific amount of money that is agreed upon by the divorcing parties. Once paid, all financial obligations are considered to be fulfilled. This is often used to even out property division issues.

Rehabilitative alimony. This involves paying a set amount of money for a specified amount of time, subject to modification. This is designed to let the spouse get back on their feet again financially. This includes someone just getting back into the work force or completing their education.

Tracy Buster Walsh is respected in the legal community as an effective and caring attorney. She is familiar with family courts throughout Northern Mississippi. You may be assured that she will advocate on your behalf capably, compassionately and cost-effectively.

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