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Prepare ahead for child custody litigation

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Custody & Visitation |

When a Mississippi parent files for divorce, he or she must resolve numerous issues pertaining to the children’s well-being. If child custody litigation is taking place, it is helpful for a concerned parent to be as prepared and well-informed about state laws and guidelines as possible before heading to court. Simply knowing what to expect inside the courtroom can help alleviate stress.

The judge is going to ask questions

A parent who has requested custody of his or her children in a divorce must convince the judge overseeing the case that granting the request would be in the children’s best interests. To determine this, the judge will undoubtedly ask questions. For instance, if a parent who has requested custody works full-time outside the home, the court will want to know what the parent’s plans are regarding child care during off-hours from school.

Check whether the court has a dress code

Many courts post dress code guidelines on their websites. It would not help a parent’s case if he or she shows up in court with obvious disregard for the dress code. Appropriate style of dress for a courtroom typically includes business-casual attire, such as collared shirts, low-heeled shoes and skirts that are knee-length or lower.

Expect witness testimony

If a pair of parents disagrees about child custody, the court may want to hear from other people who have frequent interaction with the children to help form its decisions. This might include a teacher or coach, a child psychologist or a babysitter. A judge will hand down a ruling based on the merits of an individual case. A parent who has questions or concerns about a specific custody-related matter may request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney before heading to court.