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Child custody and termination of parental rights

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Custody & Visitation |

There are several situations in which a Mississippi parent might have his or her parent-child relationship formally terminated. Every state has its own laws regarding such issues. Therefore, a concerned parent will want to gain an understanding of the laws of his or her own state before navigating court proceedings that pertain to these child custody issues. 

Termination of parental rights can be a highly emotionally charged issue. There are several things to know about this topic that may have an impact on the ultimate outcome of a particular case. It is also wise to learn more about local resources that may be available in a particular area to help a parent determine whether he or she can file a petition to reinstate parental rights.  

Was the termination of parental rights voluntary or involuntary? 

In some cases, a parent might voluntarily terminate his or her parental rights. Removal of such rights may also be involuntary, ordered by the court on grounds such as mental incapacity, parental substance abuse, child neglect or conviction for a crime against a child. The court may decide to remove children temporarily or permanently from a parent’s custody. 

Children’s best interests are always the central focus 

The court does not make any decision regarding child custody lightly. Children’s safety and well-being are always the central focus, especially when a family court judge is considering whether to terminate parental rights. For instance, if a set of parents are fighting over custody, and one parent accuses the other of being unfit, the court will want to ensure the allegations are thoroughly investigated before handing down a ruling; sadly, there have been many cases where one parent falsely accuses the other. Any Mississippi parent who is worried about child custody issues, especially regarding termination of parental rights, may seek immediate legal support by requesting a meeting with a family law attorney.