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Don’t let child custody issues ruin the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Custody & Visitation |

What happens when Mississippi parents are navigating a divorce just before the holidays, and their relationship is contentious? When parents have a difficult time communicating or one parent refuses to cooperate, achieving a fair and comprehensive settlement is challenging. This is especially true for child custody issues. Fighting over custody can put a damper on the joy of the season.

There are several things a concerned parent can do to help children enjoy the holidays after a divorce and to avoid parental conflict with an ex. It is a good idea to know where to seek support, as well, in case a child custody issue arises that is threatening to ruin the holidays. Resolving an issue as swiftly and peacefully as possible might help preserve holiday joy.

Choose a neutral setting to celebrate to avoid child custody conflict

If parents are fighting about where children should spend their holidays, it might be best to agree to a neutral setting, especially if both parents plan to be present. This might be a good time to book a cottage or to go to a favorite tourist location. Some families decide to eat out on a holiday, rather than try to transport kids back and forth between households. If there are instructions regarding holidays in a child custody order, these, of course, must be obeyed. However, any issue not included in a court order is up for negotiation, and parents who are willing to compromise can avoid child custody stress during the holidays.

Community service is another holiday option

To avoid child custody conflicts during the holidays, some parents participate in community service activities with their kids. This helps take the focus off of a divorce. Many families find it enjoyable to help others, rather than dwelling on their own problems during the holidays. If a child custody problem does arise, a parent can immediately reach out for legal support, especially if the ex-spouse is disregarding a court order.