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When Credit Card Debt Overwhelms You, Take Back The Reins!

It is far too easy for people to criticize others who are considering bankruptcy after credit card debt has become too large. At Walsh Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we know many of the most common triggers for unmanageable credit card debt. We have learned from our conversations with many clients before you about common problems leading to debt problems such as:

  • Your car broke down and you felt you had no choice but to use a credit card to pay for the repairs.
  • You needed household repairs when your furnace, plumbing or electricity system became nonfunctional.
  • Someone in your family needed medical care that was not covered by insurance.
  • A credit card company issued a card to you with attractive terms and then raised the interest rate or lowered your credit limit, leading to a debt crisis.

In most cases where credit card debt has become a problem for our clients, we discover that it is not a spending problem so much as an income problem. You may have lacked the resources — and had credit cards at hand — when life threw you a curve ball such as a leaky roof or urgent, unexpected expenses of any kind. A bankruptcy discharge can give you a second chance to live within your means.

Have you already tried to negotiate with the credit card company, asking for a lower interest rate or a higher credit limit — and received “no” for an answer? Have you looked in vain for other resources to use to pay off your credit card bills? Whatever you have tried has not been enough — and bankruptcy may offer the fresh start you need to move on from these financial burdens.

A knowledgeable debt relief attorney can provide the direction you need at a time like this. Take back your life and get a financial “reset” if bankruptcy is right for you. Consult with attorney Tracy Walsh at Walsh Law Firm, P.L.L.C., to discuss your options for dealing with out-of-control credit card debt.

Don’t Let Unmanageable Credit Card Debt Take Over Your Life!

Bankruptcy may be the best way for you to put your burdensome credit card debt behind you and get a fresh start. Contact us by email or call 662-205-6546 or 800-564-5419 (toll free) to schedule a free initial consultation with a Mississippi lawyer concerning any bankruptcy matter. (A fee applies if your consultation relates to a family law issue or concern, and will be applied toward your legal fee if you retain us).

We are a debt relief agency helping people file bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.