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Behind On Your Mortgage? Stop Foreclosure Now

Being turned out of your home is a frightening prospect to contemplate. Virtually any person would have difficulty taking rational steps to protect against such a possibility.

If you have a pending foreclosure on your home, it is important that you take immediate action to save it. Walsh Law Firm, P.L.L.C., can file an emergency petition to stop foreclosure action on your house. This is called an automatic stay. Contact us now by email to salvage your home mortgage.

We want you to get a fresh start.
Call 662-205-6546 for a free initial consultation concerning a bankruptcy matter.

Filing An Emergency Bankruptcy Petition Freezes All Action Against You

You do not need to have all of your financial information on file at our law office when you seek to file an emergency bankruptcy petition, although you must meet with and retain our office and sign the petition that we will prepare for you. No further action may be taken against you until the financial situation is resolved. Lawsuits, repossessions, a sheriff sale, wage garnishments and other attempts to get money from you must all be stopped.

During this automatic stay, we can take the time together to get a clear picture of your financial situation, your income and your expenses. We will come up with a plan that will get you back on the right financial track.

If you wait too long to contact an attorney, we may not be able to stop a pending repossession. We provide support when you need it the most.

Standing By Your Side And Seeing You Through

Tracy Walsh guides clients through the bankruptcy process with clear-thinking, straight-talking and knowledgeable legal counsel. She helps clients understand how to work to prevent such a situation from arising again.

Move From Panic To Peace. Call Now.

Tracy Walsh understands how difficult it is when you are facing the prospect of losing your home. You don’t have to do this alone. It is highly likely that you can keep your home. Get legal counsel that you can count on now.

Call an experienced Mid-South lawyer at 662-205-6546 to stop foreclosure now. You may also feel free to contact us through email. We respond promptly to both phone calls and emails.