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Stop Harassing Phone Calls From Creditors Now!

One of the most cruel consequences of unmanageable debt is the aggressive nature of creditors. If you are unable to pay your credit card debts, medical bills and other consumer debts, you are not alone — and you certainly don’t need lenders and bill collectors to make you feel guilty and scared. You no doubt want to pay your debts but cannot because of:

  • A job loss
  • A natural disaster
  • A medical crisis in the family
  • A divorce
  • Excessive use of credit that lenders offered to you

At Walsh Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we talk to many people struggling with heavy debt loads. We rarely find that someone has been a flagrant abuser of credit. Rather, most found their way into overwhelming debt due to pressing life circumstances beyond their control — and then reached a breaking point that led them to choose bankruptcy for debt relief.

Credits And Bill Collectors Routinely Violate Consumer Protection Laws

Lenders and professional collectors often knowingly flaunt disrespect for consumer protection laws. Are bill collectors sending threatening letters, hounding you at home and work, and even asking family members and neighbors where to find you? Contact a debt relief attorney at your earliest opportunity and learn what your options are to make the harassment stop.

Rest assured, you do not have to endure creditor harassment — but you likely need a lawyer’s help to make the calls and threats stop. And you do not need to wait for a breaking point if you find yourself unable to pay your bills. Take advantage of our offer of a free initial consultation. If you learn that you are eligible to file bankruptcy and if you determine that it is your best option, we can help you prepare to file without delay.

Turn To An Experienced Attorney For Debt Relief Assistance

We await your call to 662-205-6546 or 800-564-5419 (toll free). Request your free initial consultation if you are enduring harassment from creditors and need calmly presented legal advice. We are here to help.

We are a debt relief agency helping people file bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.